Nice to meet you !

I’m Marion

I am an inner tour guide (coach & facilitator). If you ask my friends and family, they would probably tell you that I’m positive, honest but mainly strong. I’ve became strong because I am a trauma survivor; I spent my childhood up to my late teens in violence, arguments and desperation. For a long time I wondered why life was so hard on me. So when I was 23 I took a backpack and travelled the world for nearly 7 years to understand what was my reason for being.

Travelling was my first release not only because I discovered the world but because I discovered myself. By doing so I shed light on so many things and it wasn’t always pleasant but as I like to say “What we can feel, we can heal”.

I’ve taken the pain from my past and told myself : “because of this, I will help others !”

My life’s mission is to guide people on their journey to self-discovery so that they can gain clarity & serenity. Working with me includes the use of powerful personal development tools; the promotion of self-discovery and getting to know yourself better. When you do so, you also empower yourself to start living the life that you truly want & deserve. You start to listen to your gut feeling so you can take real actions towards your dreams.

So, are you ready to start your journey?

my core values



When I’m true to myself, I’m better at helping others. I truly believe that by being ourselves, we change the world.

“Be so completely yourself, that everyone else feel safe to be themselves too.” 



My intentions are genuine and you can trust me. I always loved to help others (I guess this is why I studied nursing at university before creating my business). I am here to help you so you can create your dream life.



I am here to guide you, not to tell you what is best for you, only you hold this answer. You might be confused and got lost on the path to your inner world. This is where I can help. I guide you from confusion to clarity.

What I like


I have travelled the world for nearly 7 years and fell in love with it. Travelling taught me to spend time with my own company & discover myself. My life begun the day I boarded my first plane.


I meditate (almost) every morning. It’s my rock to stay grounded and peaceful. Meditation helped to shift my inner critic & survival mode to a clearer state of mind.


I started to read with Harry Potter and since then never stopped! I learnt so much  from personal development books and would love to write one.

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