Uncover your Potential


Just imagine:

  • Living your life with more purpose.
  • Knowing you can rely on yourself & be more at ease.
  • Feeling fully alive, in a life based from the inside out.
  • Unleash your inner strength & inner wisdom.
  • Take back ownership of your joy

What if…

  • What if you could build a more meaningful life & improve your relationship with yourself?
  • What if you could ditch your inner critic & spend more time with the team inside you, that supports your life’s choices?
  • What if you could gain more mental clarity to be sure of the next best step?
  • What would it mean to you if you could do all of the above within only 2 months?

From confusion to clarity: your journey to self-discovery

I truly believe that we all hold the keys to our happiness & that our outer reality is a reflection of our inner reality. Consciously or not, we create our life’s circumstances.

Uncovering your world will give you the opportunity to understand:

  • what’s holding you back
  • your strengths/weaknesses
  • your true core values
  • why you get up in the morning

Do you really know yourself?

Together, let’s create your life’s vision by booking a call below.

Why are we confused?

  • Because we simply forgot how to connect to our inner world. You knew how to do it when you were a kid! Remember how confident & strong you were to tell the whole world that later you’ll become an astronaut, a painter, or a witch.
    What happened then? the world got you back and told you that ‘witch’ wasn’t a very good job. Maybe you’ve been told that painter wouldn’t give you much money and that becoming an astronaut “is very hard and you need to be very smart!”.
  • We live in a world where everything is based on the ‘outside’. We are constantly busy and therefore we’ve been taught that just sitting and thinking, is a waste of time.
  • In fact what we need is very simple: more reflection in order to gain mental clarity before taking actions.
  • You can check out the F.A.Q at the bottom of the page for more information

I created a transformational 1-1 coaching program that helps ambitious people who want to empower their lives.

‘Uncovered’ is a full process where we’ll work on 3 levels: physiology, psychology & philosophy.

Personal Development Coaching Australia

My mission

My job is to create a safe space of deep & clear thinking where you can:

– shift your physiology (creating a calm body/mind),
– have access to your psychology (understanding your automatic self-talk/mindset/behaviors),
– and ultimately change your philosophy (improving your way of thinking/talking/feeling).

Together, we’ll create a space where you can make the unconscious conscious and stop living through the filter of your autopilot mode. Right now you might see life through the lens of your own personal perspective; I want to guide you beyond it so you can empower your life.

My job is to guide you from this feeling of “I have no control over my life” towards “I can create & achieve what I want”.
We’ll uncover your inner aspirations and what is important for you, so you can start to build a more meaningful life.

Maybe the aim of life is not to find the best people that support you but to become your own best supporter.

Check out the F.A.Q at the bottom of the page

‘Uncovered’ Coaching Program

 ‘Uncovered’ is an 8 weeks individual coaching program, with a 1/1h30 private session per week with me.

  • The coaching includes 8 sessions and the possibility to message me between the meetings. It also includes special, customized audios between the session to support the work we’re doing.
  • During the session, I guide you towards your inner resources & self-governance through moments of deep & clear thinking (powerful visualizations, questions, writing/journaling prompts to generate insights & a new perspective).
    I operate as a mentor (guiding you thanks to my personal experiences) or as a coach (sharing with you tools & skills that I have learned).
  • The quality of our relationship is essential to me, this is why I only work with a limited number of people at the same time.
    I ask for people who I work with to have real & sincere involvement as well as taking authentic accountability.

personal development coaching australia

Is this coaching a right fit for me?

I work with people who have the desire to feel more alive.
I work with those who want to empower their lives & gain purpose.

Are you my soulmate client?

  • Do you want to gain clarity & serenity?
  • Do you want to have a more meaningful life?
  • Are you ready to take back ownership of your joy?
  • Are you ready to make a real change in your life?

If this message resonates with you, I’d love to meet you in a 30min discovery call.

Working with me isn’t only working with a coach/mentor/facilitator. It’s also working with someone who dedicated her whole life to heal & improve. Going from traumas, violence, aggressivity to self-governance, self-sovereignty & fulfillment.

Why me?

Because I’ve been where you are!  Trust me, I know how it feels to be lost & frustrated. I know what is it to have a lack of purpose. I know how it feels to walk through life with a bitter taste of “So…. that’s what is it? Is Life only about going to work and waiting for holidays to feel alive?”.

Because I am strongly involved with my inner life which allows me to pass my knowledge on, to guide & coach you from this space of inner knowing.

Because all along my personal growth journey, I’ve developed many tools & experiences. I’ve been trained to regroup all those skills into a very unique approach to uncover your magic & your true self.

Because I embody my values it will allow you to embody yours. It will allow you to leap into the person you deserve to become.

Check out the F.A.Q at the bottom of the page

They talk about it…

“I took a 6 weeks program with Marion and takeaway from it is priceless. The tools I learned from her helps me daily to gain more clarity and understand my needs. I am more self-aware and noticing what’s going on in my head during the day. I handle my emotions better. In one of the sessions I mentioned I want to have more peace. After her guidance, I can tell that I carry more peace with me. I am less reactive and more conscious of my surroundings.

My relationship with myself has changed too: I am more patient and my self-talk has improved. I am not afraid to take wrong turns.

I liked that every session had its purpose and anytime you gain more clarity. Special customised audios were so powerful and nice way to start the day.

My relationships  with myself is more harmonious as I know my needs and follow them.

Working with Marion was a wonderful experience and even though I have, looking forward to come across again. I loved her professionalism & dedication”.


“Working with Marion was awesome! She helped me to understand  that all the emotions that I felt were ok. If I had to cry then I did and she made me feel comfortable enough for that. She gave me the space to be who I truly am. Marion always had a “back up plan” if I didn’t know what to say and she never judged me.

I felt positively energized after each session and it made my days.

What I liked the most about this experience was the inner journeys because I really felt my “inside”. The ideas just came to me more easily thanks to them: I gained mental clarity and it was such an amazing feeling!

I now have some methods of how I can calm myself down. I now know how to work my problems out, step by step, by myself”.



"What are the typical reasons someone might work with you?"

Typical reasons someone might want to work with me are:
You want to be more yourself/feel more comfortable with yourself.
You have a lack of purpose in your life and want to live a more meaningful life.
You would like to react less to situations.
You have a lack of self-confidence & self-esteem.
You feel lost with a lack of control and have no control over your life.
You feel that your life is on autopilot mode and there’s nothing you can do to change this.
You are in search of your identity and you want to gain clarity on yourself, your purpose & goals.
You feel unhappy or not completely fulfilled.
You want to grow happiness.
You want to expand well-being & peace with yourself.

You don’t feel unhappy but you feel like your life isn’t special.

Feel free to book a discovery call so that we can see if we are a match for each other 🙂

"How the discovery call works?"

You will have to answer a few questions as I want to know more about your goals & motivations. We will then meet for about 30 minutes and make sure we are a good match for each other. I’ll be happy to answer all your questions during that stage 🙂

"What is the coaching method that you use?"

The coaching method that I use is a form of personal development in which I, as a facilitator, create moments of deep & clear thinking. Those moments aim to support a learner or client in achieving a specific personal/professional goal or improving limiting habits/behaviors/way of thinking and feeling;  all of this by providing mentoring & guidance.

It’s a process that aims to improve your self-talk and self-awareness; self-confidence & self-esteem; aligning your actions with your values, desires & needs; increasing purpose; improving relationships with yourself and focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past or future. 

As a guide, I help you to learn by yourself and to become independent so that you can find the answer on your own, for the future. Sometimes, we forgot the path to clarity and this is where I come into play: I bring you from confusion to clarity.

"What are the benefits of working with me?"

If you enroll in this coaching experience that I offer, you can first expect to get a fresh perspective on personal challenges. This experience will help you to make a real & quick change; to empower and build a more meaningful life; to improve your relationship with yourself & to increase happiness.

My approach is unique, as I guide you in deep & clear thinking so you can have insights. I help you to gain enough clarity so you can boost & upgrade your life.

The aim is that you uncover your autopilot mode with automatic behaviors/self-talk/thinking to create another way that serves your dreams.

Together we will create a special & meaningful approach to your life. With a strong inner base, you will be ready to start to build your dream life.

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